Meet Nfakaba

Made in 2016 for students who want to better their life and join the Clinton community college family, a place where everyone can feel at home. Hello my name is Nfakaba Cisse and I’m originally from the Bronx but my new home is in Plattsburgh with the Clinton community. I graduated from a small public high school named Wings Academy and was able to be a part of a great basketball program. While playing for the Wings Academy Wings I was able to earn two Borough Championship, a City championship and a State championship. Don’t like to brag but I’m stamped in history. I live in the projects of the Bronx with my mom, dad, two sisters, one brother and my aunt so where a pretty big family. As a city kid you don’t always get to go away and be in a place where you can feel at peace so that gave me more of a push to go away and further my education at Clinton. The teachers and staff all have surrounded me with the right format to succeed and do well, there’s always tutor available and there always someone willing to help you with whatever the problem is. If a kid like me can call Clinton there home then anyone can.



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