Fall Festival

ccc-fall-carnival_-2016-17It’s been about a month now into the fall semester and it’s been nothing but fun and exciting at the Clinton campus. The second week of school the staff and the teachers threw a fall festival which included free food and drinks, an opportunity to meet the student clubs Clinton had to offer and some great activities which included a chance to showcase your talent at our own little karaoke concert. As expected I took advantage of that especially the free food. I had about 4 burgers, two hotdogs and about 3 or 4 glasses of lemonade. This was a great was to kick off the year and from the feedback the staff and teachers got all the students seemed to have really enjoyed their time because I know I sure did. A couple weeks later after having great success with the fall festival, the school made it possible so that we can have a special guest come in and give us a mind-boggling show. Americas Got Talent Mind Reader Robert Channing came in and gave us the show of our lives. The dude was out there reading minds, predicting things that I thought was impossible and more. The guy is really talented and luckily we had the joy of watching him live.


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