image Choosing a Major


When I first arrived to college I wasn’t so sure on what career path I should choose, all I knew was that I wanted to help people and make money doing it. At the time I felt like psychology would give me the best chance of achieving that dream but as I looked more and more into the major I learned that to make decent money in that department you’ll have to earn at least a masters degree. For that many years and dedication to school I didn’t feel that it was worth it. About middle of the spring semester I had a sit down with my psychology professor June Foley and expressed my feelings to her. As we talked I also let it be known that I’m really good at math and like doing things myself so she recommended that I look into the computer technology program. Ms. Foley didn’t want me changing my major right away without getting an idea of this new step in my life so she set up a meeting with me and two tech professors Rick Lawrence and Ron Poland. I was scared of going forward with this because most of my credits weren’t going to transfer towards the major but talking with the professors made me want to take that chance. They explained to me what’s expected of me in the classroom, I learned that I can make good living of this degree and the thing that I liked the most was that what we learn is done hands on, so its not like you just go to class and listen to a teacher lecture for hours your actually doing what you learned in class in labs. I’m currently in my fall semester and loving this new transition. People told me the most stressful thing would be my lab classes but in my opinion I think it’s the most fun part. You get to exercise things you learned in class, we get to use new modern equipment and I have great teaching staff right behind me willing to help when needed. They say when you love what your doing its no longer a job and that quote represents how I’m feeling right now… well that’s ’till those finals com around. LOL 🙂



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