Study! It’s important.

College can be a real headache at times, and if you don’t stay on top of things you can have a very bad experience. Personally, I have been having a successful college experience following these methods of success. First, I made sure I came to class prepared every day. In my opinion I feel this already leaves a great first impression on your teacher. Asking questions in class is also a great tool of learning and showing the teacher that you’re involved and eager to hear what he/she says. Some people don’t feel like having a personal relationship with your teachers, but for me it worked out to be great. My former psychology teacher liked me so much she offered me the job to blog for the school, you never know what advantages getting to know your professor can get you. Time management is also a big part of being a successful college student. College will have your hands full most of the time, so it’s important to stay organized. And for the last the most important thing for your college success is STUDY!!!!!!!!!! If you don’t prepare yourself outside of class, it’s hard to fully understand what’s going on in the classroom or during a test. These are the methods that have paved the way for me in college so far, and I’m sure it’ll work for anyone.



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