Staying warm

Up here in Plattsburgh it gets very cold and with winter coming up its time to start planning on what type of gear you need to be as warm as you can. As a college student money can be an issue or even hard to come by, to help with the cause Clinton faculty and staff are currently giving away gently used clothing to students in need from Monday December 5th through Friday December 9th . This giveaway is being held on the first floor lobby and all students is welcome to come pick up what they need and go about their day. Its good to do these things  and as a college student you appreciate things like this because you understand all the other things you have to focus on. As for me its finals week and I’ve been so busy studying or catching up on work that its been hard for me to take 40 minutes to a hour out my day just to write a blog. Now imagine having to worry about having to come across some money just to be warm for the winter. Just another example of the little things that can be done just to keep you on the right track.



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