Justice and Diversity

This week is diversity week at Clinton Community College and to start it off right the criminal justice club with help from the Clinton staff had a man by the name of Mr. Tyrell Muhammad come in to talk to us a little about diversity in the justice system. Mr. Tyrell Muhammad spent 29 years in prison and is now a part of the Correctional Association of New York State. He spoke a little about his experience with the justice system and spilled some facts on the different things that the justice system was doing wrong. I’ve learned that 5 out of 6 people in prison are put in solitary confinement for non violent crimes. He also told us that one third of black men are in prison, on probation or parole. This is hard to change because businesses and individuals are making money from each individual placed in prison and also blacks and people of color are judged more harshly and looked at differently from whites in the justice system. Mr. Tyrell Muhammad spoke with me after the event and I asked him “after all those years in prison how was you able to land a job or even be here speaking to me right now?” He told me at first he couldn’t land a job anywhere and had to start his own security company to make ends meet, then he joined a non-profit organization to help people like himself and people who were incarcerated. The leader of the organization was later able to land him a job. This goes to show you that things need to change, imagine if  Mr. Muhammad would’ve surrendered to this system. He just would’ve been a forgotten soul. Mr. Muhammad came in and really opened my eyes on a lot of things, I thank Mr. Mockry and the criminal justice club for selecting a well rounded guy for the job.


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