Spring Break

It’s approaching spring break and to be honest I’m ready to be back home to relax with the people I love. Being up here at Clinton is cool but sometimes it can get stressful always thinking about assignments and when they are due. To help with that stress I sometimes hang out with some of the students at the dorms or I just go out to the mall and maybe catch a movie. Not this time though (lol). Even with all the good energy around here, nothing beats catching up with your family and talking about your new experiences. Another reason why I’m looking forward to this break is to get a famous corner store sandwich in the city. There’s not any stores up here in Plattsburgh that makes them and considering how good they are makes me more anxious just to get back. I know when I get back to the city after a few days ill probably be reflecting about all the nice things up here, but for now ill just keep telling everyone how much I want to go home.



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